Ana Sayfa Academic Writing Workshop

Academic Writing Workshop

The “Academic Writing Workshop”, which is prepared to share knowledge and experience in the correct, explicit and original transfer of thoughts, is with you!

Name of the project: Academic Writing Workshop

Duration of The Project: 5 weeks/2 Hours in a Week / Online

Purpose of the Project: To ensure that undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, who aim for an academic career gain competence in writing and presenting articles and express their own views in a clear, academic and original way, to take courses from experts and to have practical writing and presentation experience.

Project Goal: Increasing the production of professional academic studies by experiencing research and writing techniques; increasing the academic writing skills of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and to contribute to the academic literature. To gain skills where they can use a critical perspective, present and discuss their ideas effectively by using various sources. It is to enable them to put forward an original product by using the basic and term meanings of the words, away from metaphors and artistic expressions. At the same time, it is to offer supporting gains such as reading and summarizing sources, collecting data, interpreting and analyzing findings.

Criteria for Applying: Those who want to participate in the English academic writing workshop must be undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students and have to know English at B1 level.